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Leadership by Design guides dental transitions to ensure a fluent transparent handoff when buying or selling a dental practice.

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Purchase a strong dental practice that sets you up for long-term success

If you are buying a practice it’s exciting and nerve-racking to find the right practice to own. Location, price range, and finding the right seller who will bring credibility to your business matters. You deserve to step into a practice that sets you up for success.


Sell and transition your dental practice protecting the legacy you've built

If you are selling a practice it’s important for you to take care of your staff and patients. You feel responsible for the people you’ve built relationships with. You deserve to find a dentist who is the “right fit” and who can carry on the legacy of what you’ve built.

David Harvey

David M. Harvey, DDS

Hillsville, VA

"I highly recommend Elizabeth Craig and the LBD team to any dentists seeking to sell their dental practices or to any prospective buyers seeking a quality practice. They were such a great asset  helping us navigate a successful sale. Elizabeth was available literally 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns we had."

Thomas Warwick Holcomb

Dr. Thomas Warwick Holcomb

Lynchburg, VA

"I am very grateful to LBD for their dedication in selling our dental practice. Coming to the decision of selling one’s life work is not something you come to easily. Elizabeth and her team were there every step of the way to guide us. They never pushed us for a fast transaction, their fee is very reasonable and the service exceptional."

Crystal Joyce

David Merrell

Glen Allen, VA

"LBD exceeded my expectations in the sale of my pediatric dental practice! I was in a position where our family was moving out of state and the LBD team not only brought me qualified candidates quickly but was able to sell my practice in less than 90 days and above asking price. They guided me through every step of the process and made themselves available 24/7 to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved."

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Why Leadership By Design?

Whether you are buying or selling a dental practice, transitioning the previous practice to a new dentist requires complicated and careful decision-making. Hiring the right Dental Transition Consultant can make a successful transition possible.

At Leadership By Design, we know the details of the transition can feel overwhelming. The most essential part of this process is having a trusted guide who listens to your needs and goals.

Since 2009 we’ve been helping sellers and buyers with dental transitions. Sellers retire with peace of mind and buyers have confidence in their future.    

Elizabeth Craig LBD Owner

Elizabeth Craig

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If you are selling a dental practice in Virginia you deserve to have your legacy preserved. If you are buying a dental practice, you deserve a practice that will set you up for success. Our long term commitment to relationships helps make your dream a reality.

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