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Custom consulting packages to build a thriving dental practice

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Consulting Services

Build Your Legacy by Strengthening the Culture of Your Practice

Our custom consulting packages help you prioritize what you need to focus on and gives you tools to develop the practice of your dreams.

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  • Grow a healthy culture by building the leadership of practice owners and associates.
  • Develop hiring and on-boarding processes to ensure you hire the right people who become long-term team members.
  • Implement educational programs for owners and staff that further their development.
  • Develop the skills needed to address conflict within the practice and with occasional dissatisfied patients.
  • Create efficiencies by managing your office with better systems.
  • Strengthen communication skills between practice owners, associates, and staff.

Dr. Terry Dickinson

Dr. Terry Dickinson, CEO of Emerging Leadership LLC leads all LBDs consulting engagements.

After successfully practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years in Houston, Texas, Dr. Dickinson spent nearly 20 years as Executive Director of the 3500 member Virginia Dental Association with a $2+million budget. In his current role as a leadership consultant, Terry works with and prepares young dentists to become healthcare leaders.

He helps dentists build teams that are efficiently working together in the smartest way possible. As a mentor to many, he helps to empower and equip individuals to navigate the ever-evolving and rapidly changing dental and healthcare industry.

Dr. Dickinson’s role includes identifying and evaluating the pool of skills and talents that exist within a dental team. He works with dental teams and owners to ensure that the entire team is focused on the end goal of each transition.

Dr. Terry Dickinson
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