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Ensure a fluent & low-stress handoff when selling your dental practice.

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Dentist selling practice Virginia

Selling a dental practice requires complicated and careful decision-making.

It can be overwhelming thinking through the details of selling your practice. This transition is a highly personal matter. You are concerned for the people you've built relationships with--your staff and patients. And you want to find the right buyer who is the "perfect match" to carry on what you've built.

Guidance and expertise for a smooth sale & transition.

Selling your practice is a personal process and should not be a "cookie-cutter" experience. You’ve worked hard to build a successful practice and want your staff and patients to continue to receive the same quality care you've provided throughout the years. We get it, and it's why we believe the most essential part of this process is having a trusted guide who listens to your needs and goals.

We understand that informing your staff and patients about your dental transition is a sensitive matter. Because of this, we handle our communications with you carefully and help you create a timely plan to inform both your staff and patients. Transparency and timing are key to your smooth transition.

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Dental practice sale Virginia
dental sale virginia

How do we help you determine the "right" doctor to purchase your practice?

As the purchaser moves along the path of commitment all parties learn about each other. LBD will help by ensuring communications are not only heard but understood.

LBD does not engage with every potential purchaser. Some aspects we look for are a high level of integrity, the individual's willingness to learn, flexibility, and proven track record. We investigate their work history, financial information, and references in order to fully understand the comprehensive findings that need to be presented.

You deserve the peace of mind your practice will carry on the legacy you've built.

We'll guide the entire process so you don't have to stress about the details

We listen to your needs

We take time to understand your priorities, goals, concerns, and requirements.

We design your transition plan

We’ll work with you to lay out a plan and timeline that streamlines the entire process.

We implement a smooth hand-off

We prepare your practice, find the right match, and guide a stress-free transition.

Thomas Holcomb

Dr. Thomas Warwick Holcomb

Lynchburg, VA

"I benefited from LBD's considerable insight, knowledge, and expertise. They were very creative and thorough in their approach. This led to the sale of my practice and my office building while allowing me the opportunity to continue practicing clinical dentistry on a limited basis. In the acquisition process, they were careful to consider my needs and desires and focused on identifying qualified candidates who would share my practice vision and maintain the quality of care for my patients. LBD accomplished this with great success while achieving a financially rewarding result."

Avoid a poor transition and sell your practice with ease.

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