Leadership by Design is a dentistry-specific consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia.

LBD Dental Transitions

Hiring the right Dental Transition Consultant makes a smooth transition possible.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. James R. Schroeder, Leadership by Design has grown to serve as a trusted resource for dentists as they face the multitude of transitions within the lifecycle of their practices.

In 2015 Elizabeth joined her father (Dr. Schroeder) and developed a shared passion for providing successful transition outcomes, building relationships, and maintaining positive client experiences. As Elizabeth's children grew, her role with LBD increased, transitioning to full-time with LBD in 2019. 

We help sellers and buyers with smooth dental transitions. Sellers retire with peace of mind, and buyers have confidence in their future. Contact us  if you have any questions about buying or selling a dental practice.

Dr. James R. Schroeder
Dr. James R. Schroeder
Elizabeth Schroeder Craig
Elizabeth Schroeder Craig

J. Lloyd Cumbey, DDS

Lloyd Cumbey Dentistry

"When I was in the hospital, LBD secured a dentist for the short term, helped me locate a qualified buyer, and provided detailed coaching and guidance. They facilitated the process of acquiring legal assistance and guided me through financial options and transactions.  Within six months, my practice and real estate were SOLD and my patients and staff were successfully under the care of a new doctor. I am very grateful."

French Moore

French H. Moore III, DDS

Abingdon, VA

"LBD handpicked a locum tenens dentist to fit me and my staff for my vacation. It worked so well that the dentist covered three more weeks the following year.  When I started thinking about a future partner, they identified a strong candidate, made an introduction and guided us through the process. Although pursuing a partnership can be a daunting process, having an experienced and trusted resource allowed us to experience a smooth and painless transition."

You deserve the right guidance.

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If you are selling a practice you deserve to have your legacy preserved. If you are buying, you deserve a practice that will set you up for success. We help make the transition smooth.

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